Tuesday, July 21, 2009

attempt no. 99

I had a vision. Corona Del Mar. Perfect weather. The camera set on "self-timer" mode. I even set up the tripod in the sand. This was my attempt to get the perfect beach-summer-family photo. After running back and forth to the camera... positioning the 5 of us just right... and way too many random kids running oh-too-close to our tripod...this is what we ended up with....
Some white-bikini clad woman blocking the scenic view that we've grown to love this summer.


Sara said...

No kidding! What is she doing???!?!?

It's still cute!

Rochelle V. said...

oh my goodness. that is so funny. it made me laugh out loud. and that is just what i needed. oh, and i see you are in a bikini. getting ready for the trip, ehhh?

Rebekah Williams said...

still a fantastic photo. shop/glue a butterfly on top of white bikini jane doe.

jealous of that ocean! our muddy lake in mo just doesn't compare.

Boel said...

just airbrush bikini girl out... a great family shot for such a busy beach day

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