Monday, June 15, 2009

golf 'n schtuff...

Hunter invited a few friends on Saturday night for a miniature golfing/ sleepover. I forgot what a good time golfing can be. It is quick, easy, and fun for all ages.

The boys headed onto one course, while Dusan, Avery, and I headed for another.
Avery's "victory" face each time she got the ball in the hole (even if it took 17 attempts).
I had to take a picture of the boys bedroom the morning after. It was a G.I Joe/Lego/Star Wars massacre. Evidence of a good time. And wouldn't you know little miss you know who was right there alone in the middle of it all.


Mandi said...

Your pics are lookin good, missy!! Seriously. Oh, and Phil (husband) likes your blog. Just thought I'd tell ya. :) I think it's because your family's really sporty. hehe

(oh and P.S., sorry it's taken me so long for that picture? Do you have photoshop? I could send you the template when I send the picture to you, if you'd like!)

elizabeth said...

You seriously are so cute.

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