Tuesday, February 17, 2009

pizza time

With no fancy reservations for Valentine's Day, we had a fun lunch of tossing our own heart-shaped pizzas. Note to self: Fresh and Easy Pizza dough goes a loooonnnng way. (We made enough to feed the neighborhood.)
But it was really fun.
Of course Davin's looked the most heart-like.
Dusan shocked us all with the pepperoni calzone. He is in the wrong profession, and has been holding out on me all these years. yum.
Photobucket Then it was off to Fashion Island on Sunday to burn some energy before the torrential downpour began later that night.


And to end the three day weekend I tackled my closet, a.k.a. Hiroshima.
I sorted, tossed, hung, and bagged anything I had not worn in the past six months.
And donated a considerable tax write off to Savers that afternoon.
I am trying my luck at the color-coded closet. I have never tried this method before.

Dusan gives me a week...TOPS.


Boel said...

what a great valentine's activity and a yummy lunch. i love the organized closet and the color coding. looks like a fun and productive weekend. what more can one ask for right? ;-)

Rochelle V. said...

Anyone interested in a Pizza Factory? Looks like you have a few workers! And you know how I feel about the closet. I'm impressed and you're going to find it is so easy getting dressed and putting away. I love it!

twinkelydots said...

WTG on the closet! How do you feel about coming to Reno and helping me with mine?? No? Well how about the garage? It really really needs help.

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