Thursday, November 20, 2008

christmas card photo shoot

Several years ago I gave up attempting to get one shot of all three kids for our annual holiday cards. I have found it way less stressful to just capture them each individually. With the kids wearing white, and the dogs jumping all over them with ashey paws from the local fires, it made for an eventful time. Here is my backyard, point-and-shoot camera attempt at our 2008 card photos... funny girl...
love this one...

are you really 8 years old???
are you sure???

Now trying to narrow it down... or I guess I could just send out a mini book this year. Hopin' to get them out by the first week in December.


peepinit said...

I love those shots of them. Nice work on capturing the three of them separately.

See you very soon!

Lex Juris said...

wow such a nice blogsite! and such wonderful and cute kids of yours!

Stay blessed!

Carpe Diem!
Lex Juris

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