Wednesday, August 20, 2008

so grown up

As he rounds the corner to his 7th birthday next week, I have come to a few realizations about Davin. He has really turned the corner from a maturity stand point. He is truly enjoying soccer on his own, out of the shadow of his big brother. Yesterday he picked out a random book off of a shelf and he just read it to me! And it wasn't because I said to. He wanted to, and was able to read that book! We went school shopping for he and Hunter. Davin came home and hung up all his new clothes on hangers by himself. I'm sure he was treasuring brand new, never-been-worn clothes, since he is normally the hand me down king. Unfortunately he falls victim to the middle child syndrome when it comes to clothes. As we approach his first grade year, I couldn't be more confident about our decision to have him repeat Kindergarten last year. He is ready, motivated, and excited all on his own!
Enjoy this last week of being 6 buddy!


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