Saturday, July 19, 2008

Villa Park Kids Football Camp

This weekend was the First Annual Villa Park Kids Football Camp at Dusan's new high school. About 200 kids ages 4-13 participated in all sorts of football drills. Here are a few pictures of a few of my favorite participants... and a few valuable lessons they learned about the sport...
Avery arrived a little late, coming straight from dance class. But it didn't take long for all the players to get to know her, as she was the only participant in pink!!!
Lesson #1: If you wear pink, players smile at you ALOT!
Davin worked really hard trying his best to get those bags to MOVE!! Lesson #2: If you take LONG water breaks, you have less turns doing the really hard drills.
Lesson #3: Always stretch before any type of physical exercise... or act like it at least...

Lesson #4: The higher your butt is in the air for a push up, the easier it is!

Lesson #5: Since your dad is the coach, sometimes you have to do the drills more than once...Well Done, Coach Ancich! A good time was had by ALL!


Christine said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Avery looks like a doll! :)

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