Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring BROKE

What a week. Lots of baseball, swim lessons, the grand opening of our local city water park, and my personal favorite: alot of sunshine! The kids all had their favorite highlights of the week: Davin's highlight was going to the park to play baseball with his Buppy. This picture documents his bravery which increased everyday during swim lessons... Hunter got to try his luck at pitching during a game for the first time. It was a nail biter, but he managed to strike out to players from the other team! Way to go:
We headed over to our new water park in La Mirada called Bucaneer Bay. Avery was like a fish. She swam around independently for 4 hours on Saturday. She could not get enought of those slides and waterfalls. It was so fun to watch her having such a blast!
My not so fun highlight was backing my van into the neighbor's block wall...but hey at least my kids and the wall are all okay! UGH!! I am sad to see the break come to an end...but it was definitely a relaxing one!


Luvie said...

Glad 2 hear that you had an O.K. break. Too bad about the car. Ya I had a fun spring break too.:) TTYL!

Leanne said...

This spring sounds like it was packed for both of us - doing such fun stuff. Can't wait until June!

Luvie said...

I updated my blog with pictures of the trip just for YOU! O.K.!:)LOL!

inara said...

looks much warmer than my spring break!!!

Luvie said...

So Mrs. A...What's Up! :)

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