Wednesday, August 21, 2013

say "no" sundays

It's my new motto.  

With football 6 days a week, working full time, and never-ending homework schedules, something has to give.  SO... Sunday is our day.  Family time.  A home cooked meal.  Grocery and meal planning.  A few loads of laundry.  A family bike ride.  Kids helping with chores.  A mid-day movie.  But most of all just an old fashioned day to regroup and ramp up for the week ahead.  

And every Sunday, this is where you'll find us.


Simone Howell said...

my girls might have a lisght crush on your boys....just sayin'. great post! Sunday funday!

starnes family said...

Oh how we love the Wonder book. Enjoy! On a Sunday!

Kevin Barrios said...

seems like a calm day im sleepy

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