Monday, February 18, 2013

61 bucks richer

If there's one thing Dusan loves, its having a yard sale.  (I'm not a fan)  I'm not sure if its the satisfaction of seeing his crap go home with someone else, or making space for more junk in our house and garage?  For Dusan, the 2 yard sales per year rule in the city of La Mirada is so limiting.   For this, I thank our city... (picture my hands in prayer position).  

With my lack of support, he enlisted the best hoarder in town: Avery.  These two were like peas in a pod getting ready for the big event.

If you are my Facebook friend, then you read my antics this week as I marketed for the big Daddy/ Daughter event:

"My husband and his daughter are having a yard sale at their home this Saturday.

If you are in the market for a bike (multiple sizes and some with brakes, and some without), an ottoman that is missing its couch, stuffed animals that have been loved by 3 Chihuahuas, men's polo shirts with random team names, or one left cleat... come on by!

**I want nothing to do with this event, and am ONLY in charge of marketing."

"This just in:

HOT new items added to the Daddy/ Daughter garage sale! Come on by for that one of a kind barbecue that once had the ability to be lit by gas and now does not... or that interior drum of a dryer machine you've been looking for... its HERE! Or perhaps you are in the market for an old trophy and the base of a lamp with no shade.

Heck, whatever obscure item you could dream of, its probably here. Come one, come all. Party starts at 7 a.m.

If you don't see me, check the floor of the front porch, I'll probably be in the fetal position."

And here's some documentation of the morning as the day unfolded:
Avery...wearing her Nike's in case she needed to break out her cat-like reflexes and step into the role of crowd control.
 Bringing out the big ticket items... A 1982 Panasonic Television...
 At one point Dusan insisted to a customer who was admiring the mirror (a man in his 80's) that it could go above his bed.
 Yep, that one sign outta do it!  Bringing in customers from far and wide...
 Look very closely to get an idea of what I was up against... why, yes that is a team's-worth of windbreakers circa 1970.  And boy did the dryer drum go FAST!
 Enthusiastic sales girl attracting customers left and right:
 At this point, I was breaking out the wristbands and enlisting community safety officers on horse-back....
 Taking a break to wipe the sweat from his brow...
The dynamic duo closed up shop around noon with an extra $61 in their pockets.   And with a truck full of unsold items they were off to Savers to make a hefty donation.


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