Monday, June 4, 2012

in a pickle

After a fabulous weekend in Palm Desert we experienced some car trouble (including no Air Conditioning), which was advised to us that the car was not safe enough to make the 2 hour, 111 degree, drive back home.  If the compressor gave out completely, the car would "lock up" and there was no telling how soon that would happen.

With no mechanics open on a Sunday, we were in trouble.

Stay another night?  Have the car towed back home ($600)?  Have mom and dad pick up part or all of us?  Leave the car at an auto shop with a key drop and pray they have our part on Monday morning?

After 2 1/2 hours of trouble shooting and numerous calls to AAA and mom and dad, we decided to make the drive in the slow lane, and meanwhile dad headed in our direction just in case we got into trouble.  It was scary, Im not going to lie.  The kids were hot, but surprisingly patient.

Miraculously we made it.  In fact, we even got the car to our neighborhood mechanic to have it looked at first thing this morning.

Even at 37 years old, I am so lucky my parents are just a phone call away.  So lucky, and so thankful.


lori said...

family that is there for you is so amazing ..... i'm glad you all got home safe and sound.

Rochelle said...

SCARY! I'm so happy your parents were there to assist and for peace of mind. Hope you come out of this with minimal damage or...a new car!

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