Friday, January 20, 2012

these days.

  • He'd rather not have his picture taken.
  • I sneak them when I can (close to never).
  • He'd prefer a hot breakfast over a cold one any day.
  • He likes to sleep with a dog. lucky for Eloise.
  • He has a special voice he uses only with Eloise.
  • He treasures the moment his homework is done.
  • He'd rather be outside than in.
  • He likes to compete.  At everything.  
  • He really likes to win.
  • He thanks me for dinner.  every. single. day.
  • He sighs under his breath each and every time he is asked to take the trash out and then conveniently forgets to come back to put the new bag in.
  • His sister makes him crazy.  But he can't stand to see her cry.
  • He leaves his cleats at the front door step.  Even though his last pair were stolen from that very spot.
  • His brother is his very best friend.
  • He's a walking carbohydrate.
  • He's got middle school figured out.  For now.
  • When he leads the family prayer he never leaves out a single one of us.  Including all the pets.

I think we'll keep him.


lori said...

Love this post !!! He is such a good guy...

melinda ann said...

Awww. I miss him.

Christine said...

I have to say...I really like him! ;)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

so very handsome. love these images and just adore this post. your little family is perfect!
xo TJ

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