Monday, August 15, 2011

rollin' down the river.

After last week's camping/ rafting trip at Kern River, I can proudly cross one off my parental bucket list.  River rafting.  All day.  Class I, II, and III rapids.  A perfect run for first-timers.  There was just enough thrill to keep the kids on their toes.

Meanwhile, back at the campground.  See our lonely little site, better known as Camp Ancich?  Don't let the lack of scenery fool you.  Paradise Cove at Lake Isabella was beautiful with the lake right in our "front yard".  

Master Chef Dusan grilled up some mean chicken and baked beans each night.

I'm not gonna lie, the temperatures were hot and the wind was fierce.  So fierce, our tent broke.  But it didn't detour us.  It was all part of the memory.

Watching the sunset both rise and set on Lake Isabella never got old.  I've got a feeling we'll be seeing this spot again...


Erin said...

FUN pictures! I bet your kids loved that. We used to go rafting down the Colorado river every summer when I was a kid and I still have the best memories of those trips.

Lindsay Bateman said...

i just ADORE how you document your family's life. what an AMAZING gift to not only them, but to yourself as well. To many people view documenting life, journaling, photographs as something they do not have time for...and it makes me sad! SO SO thankful and grateful that there ARE people out there who go out of their way to celebrate their own life and relish in all of it's ups and downs instead of looking outward for material satisfaction. everything we ever need is right in front of our eyes (and cameras). Very inspiring! Just had to tell you! :) xox Lindsay

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