Saturday, August 27, 2011

last week of summer.

Hunter and I had some lunch at The Grove...
where we were immediately thrown on TV 
with Mario Lopez for a live taping of Extra.
Hunter's team had their first scrimmage. He survived (and so did I).

We celebrated birthday (10 days early)... with some friends and family... more pictures to come.

Spent many hours getting my classroom ready for 70 incoming 6th graders.
Teacher Training Days...
Back to school meant close-toed shoes... what???
My favorite 6th grader got orientated on the who's and what's of the middle school.

More close-toed shoes...
Weekly gymnastics classes
My attempt to finish my summer reading which is quickly turning into Fall reading too.  I'm like a turtle.
One final hoorah at horse camp... don't worry Ginger, she'll be back!
My "I'm gonna order and hang canvases this summer" came in this week and were hung just in time.
Cheer practice for Hunter's team.

First official game of the season today.  Go Titans...Let's hope 34 is a magical number.  It was for his dad!

And in a few short days, life will resume as we know it... back to school.


melinda ann said...

I LOVE those yellow shoes!! Where did you get them? See you soon!

Lisa said...

All that and a bag of chips! What a busy summer. I'm glad it included a jaunt to SF. We'll be down soon to pick apples and snuggle.

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