Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NYC part 2

A drastic weather change from one subway stop to the next.  From Central Park to Ground Zero to Lady Liberty (look very very closely and you can see her behind us through the storm)
After a quick pit stop at the hotel to change out of my "what is she wearing or what was she thinking" shorts, we were off to the other side of town...
Rockefeller Center.  No ice skating this time of year.
The view out the 40 Rock Lego store window where we retreated to dry up...
A highlight for me: Grand Central Station.  We witnessed two weddings and countless photo shoots... ideal location.
This sign would flash up randomly around the city.  A very reassuring message form the transportation police.
The last night of our trip we stayed in Queens, which is still NYC, yet slightly less appealing.  The Orange County Lawmen VS the New York Sanitation Department.  The results of the game aren't worth mentioning.

Thank goodness for Stub Hub.  T minus 4 hours before the game we were able to purchase and print tickets to the Subway Series: Mets vs. Yankees.  This was our favorite part of the entire trip.
Walking into Yankee Stadium as Derek Jeter hit a homerun will never happen for us again.  The seventh inning stretch was celebrated with a rendition of God Bless America sung beautifully by a military choir.
We hearted NY.


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