Thursday, June 2, 2011

a blur.

this past week and a half that is.  a record-breaker on the busy meter in our house for sure.  our house felt like it was turned upside down.  A Daisy that bridged to Brownies.  A Croatia report and presentation.  A Texas report and a batch of Chili to cook and serve.  A first grade Lantern Fish report.  A poetry presentation.  5th grade orientation.  6 photo shoots.  Open House.  House guests.  2 hikes.  Spring football game.  Usher concert.  A dead possum in the backyard.  Broken bike chain.  does this sound familiar?  Let the countdown to summer begin.  we are ready.   am thankful, but tired.

here's what I am left with to show for it all...


andrea dee said...

Love "the blur." Holy smokes on your blister. You wern't kidding. xo

Erin said...

Ok - I THOUGHT I was busy. You definitely have me beat. And that blister is huge! Hope you get some down time to put your feet up soon!

p.s. That picture of you and your husband in TIme Square is one of my all time favorites!

Michelle Vandepol said...

ow! get well soon

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