Wednesday, May 18, 2011

bags are packed.

not sure how i'll sleep tonight...


Lindsay Bateman said...

oh my goodness!!! have SO much fun! I cannot wait to hear all about it, my hubby got me a trip to NYC for a week in September for my birthday! It has always been my dream to go there, and I am BEYOND excited! Also, thank you SO much for your very thoughtful and sweet comments on my blog. Yes, it was one of the first "real" weddings I have done and it was so much fun. I am beyond thrilled with the images, and I do feel very proud of them! :) I know, the bridesmaids were BEYOND hot...I loved it, and they were so into the whole thing (guys included!). I just told them to give me fierce attitude and they delivered. Thanks so much, it always means alot! xox Have fun in NYC!

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