Saturday, April 2, 2011

a good gig.

Avery got a unique opportunity last night to do her first gig.  The clothing company is called Zozo Bug Baby.  What better a location than Muscle Beach in Venice... Avery was thrilled to get to take home the dress she wore... I was over the moon to meet Children's Photographer Shannon Sewell and watch her work her magic. 
I did my best to stay out of the way but couldn't resist snapping a few pics during the shoot...

Props for the shoot included a ukelele, a bulldog, and a poodle/ pit bull puppy.

A big thank you to Shannon for this incredible opportunity.  Looking forward to her workshop in May in San Francisco to hopefully learn a few tricks of her trade. 


wee said...

i love it!

Dodson Family said...

sara!! that is so cool!! excited for you to go to her workshop too!! i hope it's better than the one we went to :))))

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