Wednesday, March 2, 2011

when i grow up i want to be Erin..

I have this friend named Erin, that I met through the blogosphere.  She is the queen of organization.  Her tips, ideas, and photographs are both inspiring and, at times,  depressing as they serve as a reminder as to how inefficiently my house is run. 

Take a moment today, and get ready to get lost amongst her photos and ideas... she is GOOD.  She is so good in fact, I have created a new word in her honor:  good bye to organization, and hello to Erinization
These are the results of last night's Erinizing... my long overdue bathroom drawer.  Thanks for the constant motivation, Erin!
And on another note, this is as crazy as it gets around here for crazy hat day.  A good international representation this time... don't you think?


Rochelle said...

Ummm, you didn't get that idea from me? just kidding. I agree, she is quite the organization queen. Love the drawer, love the hats! I'm proud.

Erin said...

Oh Sara! You are too kind! And witty. Erinizing! I love it! :) Your bathroom drawer looks AMAZING. Thank you so much! You totally made my day.

Love the shout out.
Love the hats.
Love your music.
Love your blog.
Love you!

Shannon said...

LOVE the new term! Erinizing! Ugh it's so true... I want to be her and hate her a little all at the same time... okay I don't really hate you at all Erin... I just envy you big time :) Keep it up Sara!

Lainee said...

Don't we all want to be like Erin when we grow up?!? She is the best. Erinizing is perfect! I need a lot of it at my house. :)

melinda ann said...

Her blog is so inspiring! I just want to organize all weekend now. Thanks for sharing. said...

I need some serious Erinizing in this house! Her organizational skills are unbelievable!!! Thanks for sharing :)

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