Tuesday, December 7, 2010

at an all time high...

the bickering.  the arguing.  the complaining.  the fighting.  the tattling. 
the sibling rivalry...

Could it be because I have been up on a ladder with my back turned for the past 4 days? 

I have sought help for our household from a higher source.  An early birthday gift from my good friend Ann...

May I introduce you to the best method of discipline I've ever found:
 Our elf and his book entered our world at approximately 8 pm last night, and I have never been happier to welcome a house guest...

May I introduce you to Bubbles (original name chosen by the oldest, Hunter, to promote buy in of course!):

**If you are not familiar with this holiday tradition...please go here before continuing.

To sum it up...
Bubbles is the eyes and ears for Santa. enough said.

Each evening after the children have gone to bed, he flies back to the North Pole to report to Santa all about the days events in the Ancich House.... the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Bubbles returns each morning before the children awake and places himself in a different spot in the house.

Bubbles is magic... if you touch him, he will not return the next day.

Bubbles does not talk to us... but he listens!  You can tell him your requests and wishes, but he will not respond. 

Bubbles will be my right hand man between now and December 24th.

The kids raced out of bed this morning to find Bubbles.  He was perfectly poised and ready to begin his observations conveniently over the table.  Amazing that you could have heard a pin drop during breakfast this morning.
Peace on earth.

"What will you do once Bubbles is gone on the 24th," you ask? 

Let's cross that bridge when it comes, shall we?

Do you need an elf on the shelf helper in your life?  click here!


Rochelle said...

Oh yes! We have one too. He came the day after Thanksgiving and the girls love him. His name is Henry and I couldn't agree more about the 26th. It will be on to plan B.

Erin said...

Too funny Sara! I just posted about our little elf (who we haven't named yet but need to!). And I totally agree -- there is NO better discipline system out there! Someone needs to create a Bubbles for all year long!

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