Tuesday, October 12, 2010

not eczema.

Last week was one of Avery's worst skin break outs to date.  Blisters. 

Blisters?  I thought.  Eczema doesn't blister.

After some research and alot of google image searches, I was on to something. 

In the past year:
  • behavior problems
  • lack of attention span (ADHD-like symptoms)
  • digestion issues
  • lactose intolerance
  • and meanwhile the "eczema" never cleared up completely.  (The adult prescription steroid they prescribed two years ago was supposed to be an immediate fix with no refills.  We have been using it ever since)
Enter detective results: Dermatitis Herpetiformis: a skin condition brought upon by an allergy to gluten (Celiac Disease).  It arrives in the form of small blisters and bumps typically on the forearms (check), the inner knees (check), and the buttocks (double check!) causing an inability to digest properly, irritibality, and a lack of attention span. And frankly, who can focus with open sores from head to toe... I have difficulty with just a paper cut.
Off to the pediatrician we went today in hope of some answers. This is the scene in the waiting room (the calm before the storm)...

After pleading my case, begging for blood work, and a referral to the dermatologist... I think we are headed down a path full of answers.


Our gluten-free life began Sunday night.  Yesterday's behavior chart from school read "a perfect day"... and today's "attentive"... I am hopeful that we are on to something!  Lab results will be ready in 3 days.  Crossed fingers.


Rochelle said...

Crossed fingers, toes, legs and of course so many prayers for the sweet face! I am so proud of you...the pink panther! As a mom...you're off the charts!xo.

chewymama said...

Good for you mama for finding the answers she needed! the good news is that Celiacs is easy to cure with diet. Im gluten-free right now myself (for a short time) and it takes some creativity and a lot of change but its so worth it for her to feel better!

Heather at A "Love"ly Mess said...

Good job mom! It is so frustrating when we know something is not right with our kids but the Dr.s brush it off. Hopefully your steadfast detective work will pay off and Avery will be on the road to a blister free life.

lori bliss said...

I am so happy for Avery. May this be the answer to prayers. Avery is such a sweet beautiful girl and this new beginning may be her chance to bloom even more. Stay with it and be very proud of yourself for fighting for your sweet baby....

Meredith said...

hi sara
I love your blog. I am a mom to a 6 yr old, 4 yr old and one who is coming in november. I have been following it for a while, and just wanted to tell you what a great mom i think you are!! I love your creative stuff, photography and the mom blogging. Praying for your daughter. Way to go!!


peepinit said...

I'm so glad that you discovered the issue. I hope that she is doing better, and I hope you are too. You are such a good mom for helping get to the bottom of this.

The last photo of Avery made me cry. It's hard to see her with those big tears in her eyes.

Miss you!

Michelle Vandepol said...

starbucks' lucy cookies are 1.50 and deliciously gluten free

Rebekah Williams said...

Oh Sara. Oh no oh no oh no. I am sorry my friend.

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