Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cub Scout Firestone Camp

 A few things I don't want to forget about this 18 hour camping excursion:
  • King Spiders are nocturnal and rampant in the Firestone encampment area
  • Broken tent zippers make for a restless night of sleep knowing that King Spiders are nocturnal
  • Spam is slimy and smells like dog food, but for some reason, boys love it.
  • Singing, while cooking Spam, makes you forget about the unique jelly-like substance that it is packaged with
  • When in large packs, coyotes can be very loud in the middle of the night
  • Tent walls are very thin
  • Slingshots, archery, BB guns, and tomahawks make for a very exciting day of events.
  • port o pottys marked "women only" are cleaner than all the rest
  • I felt like MC Hammer in my protective eyewear
  • brushing your teeth in the dark from a water spigot is "roughing it".
  • A camp fire at night definitely completes a camping trip.  And without one, it is COLD.
  • Lastly, I don't fit in a child-sized sleeping bag.  I just don't.


That's Who I Am said...

Found your blog through Sunny Side Up and wow that Spider would be enough for me to sleep standing and with one eye open!! Looks like you got a lot of great pictures from the camp trip! Your blog is adorable and so is your family:)

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