Tuesday, September 28, 2010

new chapter.

gymnastics.  2 days a week.  2 hours a week.  she loves it already.  may have even found her niche.  fast-paced.  challenging.  by far the youngest.  a program designed for cheerleaders.  no fear.  soaking it all up like a sponge.  I have to admit I'm giddy for her.  and relieved too.  no competition.  just confidence building.  all Avery and no one else.  it's a really good thing.






lori bliss said...

Yeah for Avery. I can picture her as a gymnastic girl, she has the perfect body for it. Go Avery and have fun!!!

Presley family said...

What a beautiful family you have!!!! You are an amazing photographer!!! LOVE all of your shots!

Anonymous said...

She looks like a natural!

blasfamily@blogspot.com said...

How awesome for Avery. I know Rod very well. He will help her reach her potential!!!

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