Tuesday, August 24, 2010

all the rage.

This past weekend, Hunter played in his first soccer tournament of the club season.  The OC Revolution boys played hard... so fun to see them coming together as a team...


Meanwhile on the sidelines..."Can I play a game on your phone, mom?" was all I heard.  My sister gave me her old iphone after upgrading to the "4".  I have been enjoying my new hand-me-down to the fullest.  I don't know who has used it more...myself or the kids.  They have completely acquainted themselves with the ability to upload all the free apps...




So far the favorite is "Talking Tom" the mimicking cat.

What's your favorite app?


Mary said...

totally coming out of lurkdom and i have to tell you about words with friends..you'll love it if you love scabble. ;) i'm addicted. yelp and pandora are also great, too! :) enjoy!

Rebekah Williams said...

We are so ancient. We don't even have internet access or texting. People laugh at us.

Rebekah Williams said...

I meant on our phones.

Anonymous said...

my go to apps....
shazam (id's songs by listening)
open table (reservations)
bump (you bump your phone to someone else's to transfer contacts and photos)
LOMO (lomography)
cardstar (enter in the #'s from the loyalty cards- like CVS, borders, etc)
I have made it to the train and had to go back because I have forgotten my iphone. I would rather be late to work than not have it. kinda sad but that is the way it is.

Elizabeth said...

"Coupons" for great discounts that cashiers can scan from your phone at all kids of places from Target to Mrs. Fields to White House Black Market. And "Shout Out" will covert what you say into the phone to a text or email for you! I also love my "Movies" app that lists show times at theatres based on your locations, plus lets you watch trailers and read reviews!

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