Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup Mania.

How will we ever top this birthday?

Setting the tone for the games with 60 feet of International flag penants throughout the entryway, family room, and kitchen.
One of 2 requests for his birthday... an orange IPOD Nano... he had no idea what was coming next.
This is how it all went down...He opened the IPOD and the Manchester United jersey (thank you Aunt Lisa & Uncle Frank: it fits perfect).  Left on the table, were two white mailing packages. 

Hunter: Who are these from, mom?
Me: You'll never guess (at this point I'm shaking.  Trying my best to keep composure all the while putting my camera on the video setting)
H: Is there an address?
Me: Yes.  But you'll still never guess. 
H: Can I open one?
Me: yes (start videoing...can't focus the camera on video mode...break a light sweat on my brow...decide instantly to switch the camera to auto and just take pictures)

Here's what I got...


Hunter: (only seeing the front of the jersey) A World Cup jersey!  Wow.
(turns it over to the back...sees signature...longer silence). "What? Wait! What? How did this get here?  How did you do this?"
Me: I didn't do this...A very nice person who works for Landon saw the pictures of you & I at the Galaxy game and wanted to send you a jersey from Landon.
Hunter: Does he know who I am?
Me: Yes she showed him your pictures.
Hunter: Really?  (more silence) I love your blog, mom.Photobucket
After receiving this picture, Hunter has decided he is going to send Landon a thank you card with a picture of him playing soccer signed with a Sharpie...
i love it.
Signed copy of ESPN World Cup Guide.

What a dream come true.


And if that weren't enough, tonight all these crazies jumped in the van and we headed to Laser Quest to run aorund in the dark with light guns earning points and getting sweaty.  Such fun.

A very special night surrounded by his closest friends.
I still can't believe Hunter is 10.  So far it has been a magical number.


Jessica Woodford said...

Oh MY gosh Sara! What a memorable 10th birthday for Hunter!

Jessica Woodford

Sara said...

I love all these pics, and I love even more your house, all decorated in flags! That is SUCH a cool idea!

Leanne said...

SWEET! He'll NEVER forget this b-day... This is beyond imagination. Thanks to Landon D & his assistant for being so generous.. they just made this kid'year!

Rebekah Williams said...

I love how you guys live life to the fullest. Such an inspiration.

Happy 10th, Hunter!

Annette W. said...

That is a very, very cool story!

Rebekah Williams said...

Today was an amazing day to be wearing a Landon Donovan jersey.

Was Hunter? I hope he got to see the winning goal.

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