Tuesday, June 15, 2010

movin' on up.

Avery was chosen to recite a poem today at school.  I won't be able to be there, so I taped one of her practice run-throughs in the backyard.


Jessica Woodford said...

what a cutie pie!

peepinit said...

I love the video! It's so much fun to see and hear the kids. I hope it's a great day!

Stephanie said...

Oh how cute!!! All of your pictures are so beautiful. I saw your picture on LeAnna's blog and new I had to come visit! You look like you're as girly as me - love it!

Rebekah Williams said...

First grade definitely has room for that BIG star!

Rochelle said...

That is so cute and she did a great job at remembering. Do you she'll roll on the ground when she graduates high school? or college? xoxo.

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