Friday, May 7, 2010

payin' it forward.

This package arrived this week.  Followed by a second one.  Both packages have a story.  A story involving an incredible act of random kindness... follow along if you'd like:
I received an email about 2 weeks ago from "Jen". She had found my blog some time ago through Liz's blog (forever thank you, Liz!). she remembered me posting pictures of Hunter & I at an LA Galaxy soccer game. She remembered how much Hunter loved soccer and especially The Galaxy.

She went on to share with me that her father had passed 8 months ago, and that he had always lived a life of paying it forward. He would do complete random acts of kindness for strangers all the time... Jen is hoping to follow in her father's footsteps.

To make a long story short, Jen is the personal assistant to one of the L.A. Galaxy's most popular players (and Hunter's favorite player). In fact, Hunter shares the same number on his soccer jersey. Jen offered to send Hunter a signed jersey... just because...and where should she send it???

Whoa! I thought at this for real?  I have seen one too many Oprah Winfrey episodes to trust this kind of an email.  I was hesitant. 

She assured me she wasn't a creep, and in fact linked me to her fun and creative blog.  After reading her blog, my intuition was telling me "give her the address"... and so I took a leap of faith...and boy am I glad i did!

What Hunter doesn't know is that he is receiving a signed World Cup jersey, a birthday message and autographed photo, as well as the lastest copy of ESPN magazine signed as well... from his favorite professional soccer player for his 10th birthday!!  June 10th can't come fast enough... Keeping this a secret from him has been a true test.
Speaking of random acts of kindness, I missed a few days of work this week to take care of a minor medical procedure that has been long overdue.  And to quote Dusan: "Man, you should have surgery every week!"...

He didn't really mean that. But it has been incredible the amount of visitors, food, flowers, balloons, cards, emails, help transporting the kids to dance and sports, and phone calls that have come through this week. We have been so blessed, it has made putting my feet up so much easier. 

I am so grateful. 
Avery came home the first night with 20 cards written by her kindergarten class.  Let me tell you: there is no better remedy.
This morning I was able to save up enough energy to hitch a ride and back to the Kindergarten Mother's Day Tea.  It was a beautiful program filled with songs, poetry recited by the kids, gifts, and yummy treats.  Such a fun morning. 

{I love how this picture shows how loopity-loo I was really feeling today...and I hope no one catches on that I haven't had the strength to wash my hair since Tuesday...but anything to be there, right?}

I have so many things to be thankful for this Mother's Day.  I plan to inappropriately prop up my feet on the coffee table in the living room as much as possible.

I hope your day is special too.


Rochelle V. said...

I'm so happy you are on the mend, my friend. Happy Mother's Day to you!xo.

NeverEnoughTime said...

Glad you are on the mend!
We have realized the last 4 week how blessed we are as well...I ended up having a 2nd emergency surgery this past weekend and now I will be spending another 3 weeks 'resting'-no driving, cleaning, cooking....But our friends have really stepped up and helped my hubby out!!!
What an amazing pay it forward!!!

Becky said...

I'm so glad you were feeling well enough to make it over to Scott! It looks like a great event and I'm so glad that you had help this week. Have a great Mother's Day!

Jen Carreiro said...

Glad to hear everything went well with your surgery! I haven't washed my hair since Monday so you are in good company! I was even thinking that your hair looked cute :)

melinda ann said...

I can't wait to see Hunter's reaction! That is so exciting! I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. I had no idea you had surgery. We missed Hunter on Friday, so he will be coming home with a belated Mother's Day gift for you on Monday. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Ride Operator said...

Fantastic story Sar. I love it! How sweet, and such a good lesson to remember. I'm going to pay it forward today too, just because I read your blog.

Amy said...

Oh my - that is so so kind. I followed the link from the Dear Lizzy blog - it renews faith in human nature! said...

You are an amazing mommy,Sara! Hope you are feeling great soon. Happy Mother's Day :)

Michelle Vandepol said...

so wonderful! u still look great in the pic

Leanne said...

June 10th is going to be BIG! I can't imagine the facial expresion that Hunter will make... but I sincerely hope you capture & post it. I'm sure it will be remarkable!

Rebekah Williams said...

Um, Grant Wistrom's kid goes to preschool with my kid. Am I almost as cool as you?

Don't answer that.

Jen said...

i just can't wait for june 10th!!! take pics!! lots & lots!! XO

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