Friday, March 19, 2010

table for 6.

A new guest has been joining us at dinner each night. 

I don't mind.  She doesn't eat much.  She is quiet during the prayer.  And she has impeccable manners.

Speaking of our new house guest...she sure did come with a lofty wardrobe.  Within the first few days of her arrival, I kept finding her tiny accessories strewn around the house.  If you know anything about the American Girl Doll, her wardrobe costs more than I am willing to pay for myself most days. 

I did a little research.  I found this clothes organizer on the American Girl website retailing at $48.00.  Now I am no genius, but isn't that a over-the-door shoe organizer?  And isn't it the same one that can be found at Target for $7.99?  Why yes my friend, that is precisely what it is...

WhaaaaLaaaaa!  The $7.99 version on the back of Avery's door...straight out of the package.

With the help of my label maker, we now have ourselves a handy dandy American Girl Doll Clothes and accessory organizer for under 10 bucks.  It is perfect.  Avery and Lanie can pick out their outfits together each morning.  Lets hope Lanie does a better job of putting her clothes away than Avery.  If her organizational skills are anything like her table manners, we are golden.


Ride Operator said...

Wow! Life with a little girl. You know we have the exact same organizer behind our door, but it's holding all the tiny Lego pieces, and star wars figures that would routinely get lodged in your feet if you stepped on them. How can life be so different and yet so the same! ;)

Rochelle V. said...

Good for you getting creative. Those things are a me:) I'm glad Avery is loving her new girl! Love the organizer!!!

peepinit said...

I love the photo of Lanie and Avery at the table.

Seizing My Day said...

yeah... I agree... doll clothes are more than I spend on myself!! what is wrong with this world!! ha ha!

Love the flower touch!!!


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