Monday, March 8, 2010

six is sweet.

You would have thought a trip to the American Girl Store would have been enough...Sunday we had an all-you-can-eat ice cream sundae soiree for Avery's birthday.  The minute her classmates arrived, the sky opened up like a full bladder on a long car ride... We managed to scoop sundaes through it all sheltered by the aluminum patio cover.  The rain was short-lived and the kids were able to run and play in the back yard to their heart's content.  I only snapped a few moments from the was tough, but I forced myself to just "be there".  I'm not sayin' the camera was not slung around my neck the entire time...but these are the moments that I captured... and they are some of the BEST.

Although sparkler candles can be festive...they equal a long time to wait to make a wish...and lots of smoke in the face. 
Note to self: stick to the standard wax number candles in the future.

My Gram and Avery getting a little Lanie and me alone time before the festivities began.  Gram can dress a doll with the best of them.  I see a playdate in their near future.  Gram took home an American Girl catalog to brush up on her reading {wink}.

Notice Avery is supposed to be looking at the camera, but really she is eyeing Gram's folding technique...

And after it was all said and friend came to watch the Oscars with me.  My friend has new skills beyond that melt-your-heart smile... my friend is sitting up.


Heather K. said...

Happy Birthday Avery!!

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