Tuesday, February 16, 2010

sew sweet.

Davin is in the process of learning to do a little embroidery...cross-stitch to be exact.  I remember when my Gram taught me to cross-stitch on gingham fabric when I was about his age.  I made a pillow for my mom that said "MOM" or "WOW" if you held it upside down.  He is working on cross-stitching a man on a handerkerchief for his grammy. I love his attention to details.  I could lay on the floor of his room, next to him, all day and watch his little hands go to work.


Rebekah Williams said...

My goodness! How precious!

You guys do it all!

Leanne said...

Long lost friend... missing you.

I love that Davin is learning to cross stitch. Is it for a badge??

Ride Operator said...

That's a great way to teach concentration and patience. Way to go Super Mom. ;)

Mrs.Wille said...

that's an awesome thing to learn how to do....i wonder if it's a belt loop too?!?

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