Thursday, January 21, 2010

heroes & villains.

{Last museum post, I promise.}  The whole reason we visited (besides the free entrance) was to see the Heroes and Villains exhibit.  Comic book drawings from India were on display.  The museum gave all kids the opportunity to create their own superheroes with super powers.  The kids could not wait to get their hands on those drawing boards (especially Davin).

one more forced family photo...  i am a sucker for documentation.


Sara said...

Ok, thank goodness! I was going to say! At least they will smile for pictures! That's cool that you took them to do that, if we had them around here I would do it too. But, sadly, the only thing close is Casino's. And, I don't know about you but I kind of think the casino culture is best left till they're older. :0)

Rebekah Williams said...

Love the photo of Dusan in the room of sculptures. Your photography reminds me of Nathan's. Some people are just born with a gift of capturing moments.

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