Sunday, January 10, 2010


Dusan and I have always had our faith.  It has been a private faith.  A quiet faith.  An inconsistent faith.  I will try to get us on a church every Sunday kick... but it never lasts long.  We are good about going on holidays.  We go occasionally when I beg and plead or ask for it for my birthday.  But we never go enough.  We pray before every meal.  We read to the kids from a children's Bible.  The kids attend Vacation Bibile School every summer.  But not weekly.  It is our flaw.  Its the missing link. Its something I had as a kid.  It made me who I am today.  I want my kids to have the same opportunity. 

Dusan got an invitation in the mail, for the second year in a row.  The FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) invited him to the Rose Bowl Breakfast.  I am so grateful for that invitation.  Lots of important collegiate and professional coaches and athletes were in attendance.  The Texas Longhorns were there.  Bobby Bowden spoke.  Colton McCoy spoke.  All of the speakers spoke about how their faith has guided their athletic careers.  I am so grateful for those speakers.

I received a text message from Dusan during the breakfast that read : We need to go to church. I am so grateful for that text. 

Last night, we told the kids we were going to the 9:00 service.  This morning we all got up, got ready, and walked to church.  All 5 of us.  No complaining. No hesitation.  Grateful.  We were welcomed by many people.  Grateful.  The kids were with us in the sanctuary for the first half hour.  Then they were released to the junior ministery.  Still, no complaints or tears. 

I was giddy.  I sang loud, even though I had never seen some of the songs before in my life.  We were all there.  Grateful.  Dusan was really there (not to mention, half way through the sermon, I noticed he had drawn a caricature of the minister on his program).  Baby steps. 

The rest of the day felt complete, and right.  I want that feeling for myself and my family consistently.  Weekly


Rochelle V. said...

I'm so extremely happy for you...for all of you! and, grateful too. Your children will come to love Sundays sooo much and you all will continue to be blessed in more ways than you can imagine. I love you and will keep the desires of your heart in prayer. xoxo.

Michelle Vandepol said...

love this post!
our bulletins are full of doodles too

NewYorkerAtHeart said...

Crazy! The one day I take time to read your blog your are echoing my heart's desire. Awesome! Love it! So hoping both our families are able to keep that weekly date!

Erin said...

Great post Sara! So many of us can relate. Especially to that feeling of it being so right when you are there.

Amber Zimmerman said...

Ah. . .we can relate too. . .It's hard to get 6 people ready on Sun. mornings (I say 6 because I end up having to find dh's pants and having to do his hair too!). ;-) It is so rewarding though. The fellowship, the way the songs resonate within my soul throughout the week, and listening to my littles tell me what they learned in Sunday school. Plus - it's the one day that we make it a priority to eat out afterward! =)

Rebekah Williams said...

This post gave me chills (good chills). It's tough making it there. So many things stand in the way. Way to go, Sara.

Cathi Hamen said...

that was a sweet post! Yeah for FCA... how is it going and have you found a church to call home??

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