Sunday, December 6, 2009

on the 5th and 6th days...

After back to back playoff games on Saturday, Hunter's team, The Vipers, won the championship! It was very exciting and well-deserved. An outstanding soccer season, the best for him so far.  He loves the sport with all of his heart.

In hopes to change the color scheme around the house from orange and black to red and green, we headed to Home Depot for our 7-8 foot Noble Fir (which barely fit in the family room... tee hee hee).  We are the "wham bam thank you maam" tree shoppers.  I think we might even break records for how fast we find the perfect one each year. 

And lastly, this was Avery a few minutes ago as I tucked her in.  We are still in search of the solution to all her sleeping anxieties.  The latest and greatest attempt is this cool rechargeable night light made of soft rubber, and once charged can be moved anywhere off its cord.  You can't tell by the picture, but it is actually the shape of a bluebird.  Avery cuddles up to it each night and eventually rolls over it, turning it off herself. 

So good.


Mrs.Wille said...

Way to go Hunter! Congratulations on a well deserved championship. love the rechargeable night light idea-awesome. oh, and i love the daily documentation :)

Rochelle V. said...

My girls have the target, 10 dollar trees in their rooms. 1 pink, 1 purple but they have a few colors. Very cute and a good night light until...oh, so excited for Hunter.

{melissa} said...

Oh what a sight to stumble on with your little Avery! As a book lover and teacher, I hope someday when I have children I will catch them in the act like this as well :-)

peepinit said...

I think we may be in the running for the quickest time to buy a tree at Home Depot. I don't know what I love more about it, how cheap the trees are or how quickly we can get out of there.

congrats to hunter! Such a proud auntie.

Lindsay Bateman said...

Your fireplace and tree are beautiful!!!! :)

Also a BIG Canadian CONGRATS to Hunter! Awesome stuff!

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