Tuesday, December 22, 2009

on the 21st day...

Eloise is adjusting just fine....

...and SO is Avery.


Sara said...

Ok, that dog is adorable! Has she peed all over the floor yet?? Chewed anything? Is she going to get much bigger? What kind is she??

Dave says were getting another one when ours is gone. I say no way jose. Too much work with a puppy. What do you think? Tell me i'm right even though I know you love your dog, cause I don't want to be tempted down that road. K- thanks!

Erin said...

That dog is too cute! I was so sorry to hear about Hammie. :( I bet that was SO HARD to tell Avery. My heart goes out to her! Loss is so hard.

Your anniversary trip looked simply fabulous! Loved the ice skating pics. Hope you and your darling family have a great Christmas!

Mrs. Edwards said...

Eloise became the perfect medicine for Avery.
She is so cute.
Avery loves animals so much! Vet in the future?

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