Thursday, December 10, 2009

on the 10th day...

Picture taking has taken over my days and nights lately. i love it. The feeling I get going into a photo shoot is exhilarating. Having a consistant creative outlet is something I have needed for a long time.

Several times lately, I have been asked, "How do you do it all?"

The answer is simple: I don't do it all. Here is the evidence.

Our Thanksgiving turkey in the fridge this morning... still defrosting since Sunday.

This is where our meals take place...

This is the laundry room as it looked this morning. The boys stood shivering in the kitchen in their underwear claiming they had no pants to wear... believe it or not, somewhere under all of that is the dogs' bed.

Have I shopped? nope.
Have I wrapped? nope. (you can't wrap if there aren't any presents).
Are the Christmas cards out yet? some.

Do I have any doubt that it will all get done? nope.

'tis the season.


Anonymous said...

Sara- Thanks so much for your honesty! I wish more moms were that honest :). You're wonderful and such a great wife/mom. I so enjoy stalking your blog :).

Michelle Vandepol said...

love love your priorities. you are putting the first things first

Sara said...

Ha Ha - looks like my house these days too! EVERYTHING is covered with stuff. Whether it be the bar counter, the table, the entry way, whatever, it's got stuff on it. I feel like my house is closing in on me! I think we own the same tablecloth. Mine's the same pattern, only yours looks a little brighter.

Rebekah Williams said...

Thanks for keeping it real.

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