Friday, June 5, 2009

memory lane

I was fortunate, as a child, to attend the same elementary school for first through sixth grade. Unfortunately after 30 years of dedication to children, La Tierra is closing its doors. Respectfully, the school opened its doors for all alumni one last time on Wednesday evening. I had the privilege of walking my own kids through the halls one last time.

This was always the traditional first day of school photo spot...

We were the La Tierra Roadrunners, now replaced by the Lions.

In Fourth grade, my best friend Tammy was killed in a car accident. We planted a Jacaranda tree in her memory which blooms every year in May, just in time for her birthday. I was so happy to find the memorial stone and tree were still intact.

The highlight of the evening was seeing my former 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Cunningham, who is still a 2nd grade teacher at La Tierra. It felt so good to know she remembered me. She was pregnant the year I was her student, and I remember explaining to all of the kids on the playground exactly how she had gotten that way. We shared a few good laughs while we reminisced.
See if you can find my 2nd grade signature on her class roster from 1981... Sara Galli.

There was a wall of memorablila where I found this old polaroid of me as a 3rd grade Student of the Month.

I was so disappointed that this picture did not turn out better. I am standing with the principal (who whispered to me that she is 70!) and two teachers that were all there when I was a student. Ms. Fishman ( on the right) was my sister's teacher 2 years in a row, and still her favorite ever.

This is the class roster from my sister's 4th grade class...some of the names she is still in touch with today.

The evening was filled with stories and memories of past, and present, spoken by students and teachers. I am so glad mom encouraged me to make the drive down for the event. It was such a special school and important time in my life. To quote the school's motto, "Little School, Big Heart".


Nicholas said...

i was born in 1981~! ha ha

Soon to be Mrs... said...

I would like to walk down memory lane with you my long lost friend.

Boel said...

i'm so glad you made the drive too, great photos and memories

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