Thursday, May 21, 2009

taking care of "busy"ness

Thursdays can be tough. It is right at the end of the week. You are on the home can almost taste the weekend. Cub Scout meetings are on Thursday and they always seem to rejuvenate me. Particularly tonight's meeting: we headed to The Palm's Retirement Home to speak with some very special people.
We met with a former Navy officer, a gentleman who had been in the Coast Guard, two women who were former Boy Scout Den mothers, and a man who's pride and joy had been his '51 Chevy. The boys got a chance to find out what first grade was like for these sweet residents. We heard all kinds of stories in the short time we visited. The boys ended their visit by presenting yellow friendship roses to everyone that took the time out to talk to us. We were hustled out the door in time for the residents to get to choir practice and BINGO. It was an active place.
And with a full weekend ahead of us, we are very excited...someone in our house has been secretly working really hard to prepare for this BIG event on Monday... and its not me...any guesses?
He would die if he knew I put this picture up of him. But I am proud of what he is about to endure...
It is not child birth, but it is 26.2 miles, a very long way. Pictures to come Monday evening. I wish you a "memorable" weekend.


Mimmers49 said...

Wow, I hope someday I can run a marathon too! It looks so tough...but seeing the contestants on the Biggest Loser has really opened my eyes. I now realize that "I can do it, if I believe I can"!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Rochelle V. said...

okay, okay. i do owe you a long awaited visit! that said, i do love you, i miss you and really want to visit you! am i forgiven?

good luck to dusan. I know he'll do great! xoxo

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