Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Chicken Facha.

Tonight we celebrated my dad's birthday (one day late). We barbecued, bit our nails while watching the Celtics say good-bye to their season, and took a walk around Old Towne Orange. When I was younger, I used to call him chicken facha (face in Spanish), due to his scratchy 5 o'clock shadow. He used to call me "Duke". Now we have graduated to more mature nicknames for each other like Neenur, Buppy, Loozah, & Neen.

When mom asked Dad what he wanted for his birthday menu he replied with all the things my kids love. He even changed his requests, worrying that the rest of us might not like those same foods. Which is so like my dad, even on his birthday, putting everyone else before him.
Dad loved all the homemade cards. Even Dusan got in the spirit of card-making. He drew this card depicting my dad's office. He is the character on the case you couldn't tell. It looks just like him, except that was his hair-do when he was about 18. We all got a good laugh...


My dad never misses a sporting event. No matter what, he always has something encouraging to say. His energy is endless (unless golf is on T.V. on a Sunday afternoon...zzzzzz). And he has never stopped being a model parent. I love you Dad. Happy Birthday.


emily said...

Hi Sara,
You asked on my blog,, what kind of camera I used...
It's a Canon Rebel EOS XT. It's a great camera! I am currently shooting with my 50mm lens and LOVE it! Good luck with the search!

Rebekah Williams said...

Hey Sara!
Took some time tonight to read some older posts. Sure love your blog! Really liked your visit to the old elementary school. Good times.

Where'd you get the yellow flower headband? Cute finds like that are scarce here in Missouri!

Oh, and it's a wolf spider. Don't worry...we tossed it into the yard of a grouchy neighbor -- homeowner's association dictator -- you know the type?

Yes, I'm serious.

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