Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

I am never quite sure what I am going to get lately from this lovely lady. Emotions are all over the place. Strong-willed, opinionated, and independent to say the least. Time-out is not really working anymore. Recently I put her in "the corner". She yelled to me, "Mom, but there is a spider in that corner!" "You will sit there for five FULL minutes!", I responded (figuring she was crying wolf). She was hysterical the entire 5 minutes. Once the kitchen timer went off, I walked over to give her the "post-time out talk". Sure enough, at her eye level was a spider. It was black. It had a red diamond on its belly. Yep, black widow. Mother of the Year.


Last night, we had the evening to ourselves. No boys. We made dinner, baked bread, painted nails, and went for a bike ride. It was calm, peaceful, no time-outs necessary. One day at a time.


Aartee said...

Such cute faces!

Steff said...

ya gotta love it! I figure we haven't done it right if we don't wind up giving our kids SOMETHING to need therapy over :)

Andrea said...

I once tried to feed Cade moldy soup for lunch one day. I sent him to bed when he wouldn't eat it, I felt like crap when I was doing the dishes and noticed all the fuzzy black mold just staring up at me! Gotta love those moments!

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