Sunday, April 26, 2009

sew easy...

A few years ago for my birthday, my mom gave me this 8 inch tall sewing maching to use specifically for scrapbooking. I have thought alot about it, even the day I moved it into the garage. This weekend I finally decided to dust it off and give it a whirl. It has one speed, one style of stitch, and resembles a toy... how hard could it be? After reading the directions written for a trilingual, I proceeded to loop, bob, and thread the machine. It was intense, I may have even broke a little sweat.
Here are my four glorious lines of stitching...Can you tell which one i forgot to put the "presser foot" down for? hee hee. Let's just keep that between you and I... I don't think I am ready to be known as a seamstress quite yet. But it was fun to try. And I do like the texture it adds to a page. And the paw print paper is actually fabric with an adhesive backing.
And another "while its still fresh in my mind" layout from our recent vacation.
I am really enjoying printing my own pictures these days. I especially love the ability to print wallet size photos right from home... that size is really versatile on a 12 X 12.
Okay, off to start a quilt...


Prism Magic Clothing said...

Need more fabric??? I'm happy to send you all my quilt projects.

Aartee said...

Cute layouts...I want to try out some sewing too but I'm a little nervous!

Christine said...

Jordyn got a sewing machine 2 years ago for Christmas from my parents. It's still sitting in her closet too. Like always, you're inspiring so maybe someday soon we'll bust it out. We might be calling you!!! HA!

Rochelle V. said...

I love it. You continue to be an inspiration in your scrapbooking and that machine is super cute. How was your weekend...we need to chat sometime soon.xoxo

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