Tuesday, April 28, 2009

score keeping

At night after homework, dinner, showers etc... the boys like to jump on the computer and play different games. After getting permission, they race off to their own little internet world together in the office. Turns out they like to check my blog to see who's on it each day. Also, they have been keeping score in the form of tally marks on an index card (hmmmm.... who's kids are those?) Hunter brought it to my attention that Avery is in the lead for the past two weeks. So this picture below is just a typical evening moment...Dusan reading sports magazines, and the boys lounging.
And now you both can each add a tally mark to your scorecards.


Aartee said...

LOL that is adorable :)

Boel said...

isn't it funny how they love to see themselves on the blog...kevy wants to see it everytime i update it...too cute ;-)

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