Monday, April 13, 2009

move over Edward Cullen...

Here is my latest obsession. I am reading it to my classes at school. I am reading it with my kids each night at bedtime. I find myself reading it to get ahead after the kids have gone to sleep because I can't wait until the next day. Here's the premise: Edward Tulane is an arrogant china doll rabbit who is very well taken care of by his adorable owner, Abilene. The story documents his journey to get back home after being lost. You fall in love with this self-absorbed rabbit by the fifth chapter. It is a beautiful story for all ages. Even Avery, my 5 year old can't stop talking about it. When I picked her up from school her teachers wanted to know, "Who is this rabbit named Edward?"

You can get it here, or I picked it up at Target on the Bestseller aisle for $9.99. Enjoy.


Aartee said...

Sounds like a good read...I'm in the middle of Eclipse right now...I love the new layout!

Andrea said...

I will get the book, but please don't speak about MY Edward that way! (Actually I'm more of a Jacob fan)

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