Saturday, April 18, 2009

man boy

It would be perfectly fine with me if Hunter skipped his birthday this year in June, and just stayed 8. No problem at all. Couldn't we just breeze past it and act like it never happened?



I have been noticing signs of his maturity lately that are a little scary. Like on Easter, he secretly pointed to the Target price tag that the Easter Bunny had accidently left on the "Tales of Desperaux" DVD...ooops, my bad. I was grateful he did not point it out to the recipient, Davin. When we do our nighttime reading, he reads...I listen. My favorite though, would have to be when he came home from school this week and asked me, "Mom, do we have a budget?".
Yeah...he did. So with that being said I am off to check for hair under his arms. Have a great weekend.


Rochelle V. said...

I know...I remember when he was born! Has it been THAT long. Here's to continuing to be a great mom...xoxo

Boel said...

time really does fly way too quick when it comes to little ones and it's funny how it comes out in the things they say, question and notice.

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