Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bobcat Badges

Tonight was a big night for Davin and his cousin Joseph. They both earned their Bobcat Badge at the Pack meeting. To earn the Bobcat, a Tiger Scout must fulfill 8 requirements. The ceremony took place at the Creek Park ampitheater/ fire pit with all the boys of our Pack and their families in attendance.

During the ceremony, the boys got their faces painted by different den leaders. Each color and stripe represents a different part of being a scout.
Proud parents...(doesn't it look like my feet are missing?)
I just love their faces... a great sense of accomplishment has been earned.


Christine said...

This just looks like a fabulous experience! Davin looks so happy! As for you, you look like a Higgly Town Hero! Especially with the no feet look!

Andrea said...

Way to go Davin! Look at you, a cub scout leader. I really need to step up my "mom" game!

Aartee said...

awww too cute! Congratulations on their badges :)

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