Tuesday, April 14, 2009

biker babe

Soccer practice was cancelled tonight, so Avery and I hit the road on our bikes. Usually it is all 5 of us and the 2 dogs on leashes which can make bike riding pretty eventful. Tonight it was just the two of us circling the block lap after lap. She is determined to get those training wheels off ASAP. This is her new "trick".

We picked up these new shades for 5 bucks at Old Navy...too bad they didn't come in my size...love that color.
And speaking of new... thanks to the Fabulous Mandi Johnson for the blog facelift. She is one talented twenty-something designer with quite a flare... check her out!


Dodson Family said...

love your new blog - the pictures jump out :O)

Christine said...

go Avery...our babies aren't babies any more are they?! :(

Boel said...

love the shades and so great to get one on one time too

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