Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am always on the lookout for inspiration. One of my blogging friends, Liz, is one of those people that never seems to run dry of ideas or creativity. She recently posted the cutest layout of her and her husband that got my own wheels turning. I realized that my scrapbook albums are brimming with layouts of the kids, and the family, but it is not too often that I focus on Dusan and me... afterall we are the reason those three little gems are on this planet, right? So, yes, I am guilty... I have scraplifted!
I loved this night out last week, and wanted to get it on paper while the memory was fresh in my mind.


elizabeth said...

that's SO stinkin cute!! :)
possibly cuter than mine!!

thanks for sharing--have a fab day!

Aartee said...

It came out SO cute!

Rochelle V. said...

i think it's really cute. Does that mean i can "copy" too?

Boel said...

that is so true, huh? never a page just about the parents...more work for me ;-) great layout and i love the picture!

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