Sunday, March 29, 2009

little people: big hearts

On Friday night we headed to Dusan's school for a Grad Night fundraiser. The teachers, coaches, and administration were playing basketball against a very talented team of people.
"It's not how BIG you are... It's how BIG you play" shirt worn by the teachers and administration.
I could not get a blog-worthy action shot of the game. Ever single one was blurry. Here are a few teachers waiting for the game to start.

The game was filled with alot of exciting stunts and antics by the L.A. Breakers. They were not messing around. They stayed after long enough to sign autographs and take pictures with all of their fans.
The stands were packed. They raised a ton of money and had a great time while they were at it.


twinkelydots said...

I recognize the bald guy in the middle. He was on "Little People Big World".

Many years ago I was doing laundry & the laundramat was filled with little people that were all Mexican.

Later that day I drove past the Livestock Event Center & saw "Mexican Midget Rodeo" on the marquee.

Sara Ancich said...

Yes, he was on that show and in "Pirates of the Caribbean". He was great with the kids and has made the most of his situation for sure.

Boel said...

looks like it was a great game and what a cool fundraiser idea. love the family picture

Leanne said...

I love that it was the LA Breakers- weren't you surprised at how good they are?

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