Sunday, December 14, 2008


I have to admit I did not want to get a real tree this year. We had bought furniture since last Christmas that sits right where the tree has always gone. We also have a 4 foot artificial tree that blows snow out the top that I think is just as pretty as a real one. I have stalled and been stubborn. But the rest of the family won the battle, so yesterday we headed to Home Depot to find a 7 foot Noble Fir. Every year, the kids rotate turns putting this star on the tree. It was Davin's year. Also, the kids each have a "pickle" year, where one of them gets to put the pickle on the tree. It was Hunter's turn to "pickle" the tree. Aunt Lisa brought us this fun tradition from Germany. It is a glass pickle ornament that is hidden on the tree on Christmas Eve by Santa. The first one to find the pickle, gets to open the first gift. Can you guess who manages to find that pickle first, every year? hmmm....

We spent hours decorating. The kids put all their homemade and phtoto ornaments up. I put up my favorite snowflakes and tied the ribbons. We moved the "snow tree" into the boys' room. They were so excited to have their own tree to light up.
I am really glad the kids changed my mind. It is magical.


Leanne said...

What a good spot for the tree. Now you guys can look at it during meal time. It's nice to change it up. It looks beautiful!
...Getting excited about the Caroling Party. We should definetely have some blog worthy pics that night.

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