Monday, December 8, 2008

Go Strikkers!

Hunter's soccer team just completed their season. It was a tough season and a bitter battle was lost in play-offs on Saturday afternoon. We were lucky enough to have a very talented dad on our team, Luis, who dedicated himself and his camera to catching all the exciting moments of the season. Below are just a few great shots taken by Luis. The entire season can be seen here.

I have to admit I am a little sad to see the season end. I NEVER get tired of watching Hunter play...his energy and effort are amazing. Next year will be here before we know it.

In the mean time, how about some Little League?


slideshowfactory said...

Yes it is sad that the season came to an end BUT the boys went out with a bang!!! that Luis guy sounds like a great guy!!! those pics are amazing, I heard he did some killer videos also on YOUTUBE -- STRIKKERS 5

have a good one!!!

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