Friday, December 12, 2008

Auntie Mari

Happiest Birthday wishes to my favorite Auntie...the MOST creative person I know.
When I was a little girl, Aunt Mari used to take me shopping every year for my birthday. We were both blonde, so people would think I was her daughter, and we would both go along with it for fun. She sold makeup for awhile and didn't kill me and Lisa when we actually got into it, once, when we were little. Auntie Mari worked as a radio personality (Like the Ryan Seacrest of Palm Springs and Lake Tahoe) for several years. She used to have the biggest elephant collection you've ever seen... her bedroom was actually like a museum. Now Mari lives in Reno where she owns her own shop selling creative clothes, tie dye, and such.
Thanks being such a creative inspiration to our family and never being afraid to follow your dreams.
I Love You! Happiest Birthday to you.....'''


Prism Magic Clothing said...

You made me cry.

Love my Niece.

Love Auntie Mari

elizabeth said...

What a cute Aunt!! I love her glasses! And I love your new profile pic! Would you email it to me, I want to try out a new cool photoshop technique I learned and your photo would look sooooo cool with it!

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