Sunday, November 30, 2008

too soon?

We made an impromtu trip down to Fashion Island on Friday night. We really wanted to go to The Grove but were afraid of the hoards of shoppers that would all be fighting for OUR parking space. So with 3 starving kids, against their will, we headed to Newport Beach. Low and behold Santa was ALREADY there. We were unprepared, and unrehearsed. No letters, no lists, nothing! But in we went... Their conversations with the big man in red went as follows...

Hunter: "I am not ready to talk to you. I don't know what I want. I will take some pencils if you have them."
Davin: "(long sigh)...Uhhhhh Do you got any G.I. Joe's?"
Avery: " I want a Nintendo, wait, I'll take a female lizard."
Maybe because it is not even December, that visit to Santa doesn't really count. Does it?
Although we weren't there for longer than an hour, it was a sight to see. Beautiful. Well worth the drive. And Dusan and I got a good laugh while we were at it.


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